The PTA is coordinating a ONE TIME / NO SELL FUNDRAISER again for this school year.


Our goal is $14,000 for this year.  If each family with one child donates $46, with two children $70, we will reach our goal!




  • 100% of the funds go to Fowler Middle School to benefit the students, teachers, and staff.
  • It’s tax deductible.
  • Can be doubled for Employers with a Matching Gift Program!


This donation-based fundraiser is so critical for the success of the PTA, and benefits our students, teachers, and school in so many ways.  Thank you for participating.


Donations are accepted any time of the year

Please go to and include your donation with your One Stop Checkout.

Laura Cabutto, 2nd VP/Fundraising Chair




Membership Toolkit App

The Membership Toolkit App is available for free in the Apple Store and in Google Play. Download it one time for all of the organizations that you are affiliated with that are using Membership Toolkit. If you belong to 4 organizations that are using Membership Toolkit, when you log in to the app you will see all four organizations presented and you can toggle between organizations.  (Directory on demand, secure and password protected, Parents always have controls over which data will be included in directory, Mark your favorites, Signup volunteers, Join PTA, make donations, and Push notifications)