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4/20/2024 10:35 am

Fowler PTA would like to Congratulate our 2023-2024 Lifetime PTA Membership Award winners! 
Jenny Denis: Fowler Band Director
Andrea Fink: Fowler PTA VP of Fundraising

4/4/2024 5:45 am



3/27/2024 6:25 am

The Fowler PTA Nominating Committee would like to present the slate of officers for 2024-2025 school year.


President:  Shawane Simpson

Vice President, Membership:  Nadia Beg

Vice President, Ways & Means:  Andrea Fink

Secretary:  Melissa Hightower

Treasurer:  Ruchit Sharma


Signed:  Nominating Committee of Andrea Fink, Dana LaGrone and Nadia Supratman.

Please join us for the Fowler PTA Membership Meeting on Tuesday, April 2nd in the Fowler Cafeteria to complete the election.

Fowler PTA Nominating Committee's Report 3.26.24 

Fowler PTA

2/2/2024 5:50 am


We have diverted 3,332 pounds of materials away from landfills, where lead and other toxic materials eventually leak into our groundwater.  Batteries in our recycling stream are also a common cause of fires.  

Great job everyone! Our leading schools this year were Fowler Middle School (204 pounds) and Sparks Elementary (181 pounds)!


1/28/2024 4:13 pm

12/23/2023 4:22 pm


Congratulations Pat and Catherine Fowler Middle School PTA on earning the Shining Star Award by recruiting more than 100% of your previous year's membership and achieving Good Standing!


12/9/2023 8:04 pm

Congratulations! Pat and Catherine Fowler Middle School PTA has met all the requirements to earn Good Standing status for 2023-2024 as part of the Local PTA Standards of Continuing Affiliation. 
You should take pride in this accomplishment. I hope you will take a few moments to celebrate achieving Good Standing at an upcoming meeting. Take this opportunity to share with your members that you are not only doing incredible things for students and staff on your campus, your PTA leaders are showing a commitment to excellence in running the business of your PTA. 
I am so proud of Pat and Catherine Fowler Middle School PTA! Congratulations, again, for a job well done. Thank you for all your PTA does each and every day to make every child’s potential a reality.
Jennifer Easley
Texas PTA President

11/27/2023 7:15 pm

Spirit Wear

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11/19/2023 6:12 pm

Fowler Families,

Our Fowler PTA recently fulfilled grant items for our Fowler Teachers and Staff.

PTA President, Romina Sarda and Treasurer, Ruchit Sharma visited Fowler last week to hand out certificates to teachers and staff promising over $4000 worth of subscription services, books and other tangible items toward the enrichment of our staff and students.

GoFormative and Quizizz subscriptions to 7th and 8th grade math teachers to provide materials and tools used in accessing student understanding and learning in math environment.

Lego Spike Prime Sets for our Robotics Club, to provide replacements and classroom sets to meet the needs of multiple student projects. 

Pocket Constitutions and Declaration of Independence Documents for all 8th grade students enrolled in US History.  These booklets allow students to have access to historical documents that are the foundation of our nation’s government.

Lone Star Award Book Collections: 3 teachers received funds that will allow them to build a library of Lone Star Award winning books in their classrooms, to alleviate waiting on library books to become available.

Positive Character Incentives: Our Campus Committee for Relationship Centered learning received a pledge to provide incentives for students and teachers who exhibit positive character traits that help make a culture of kindness and cooperation thrive on the Fowler Campus.

Headphone sets: 6th Grade ILA teachers received headphones that sync with student Chromebooks, as well as systems to provide storage and cleaning.

Annotation Kits for Literature: 8th Grade ILA teachers received annotation tools. Colorful pens, highlighters and note pads help create a spirit of excitement for students who are engaging in different literary genres and improve comprehension.

NASA Logo Spirit Shirts: Fowler Teachers were given the opportunity to purchase fun NASA logo shirts at the beginning of the year.  Fowler PTA provided funds to purchase matching shirts for our Custodial and Cafeteria Staffs as well so they can show their Fowler Pride and know that we value them as integral participants in our Fowler Staff.

Star Student Signs: The 6th and 7th Grade teams received funds to purchase STAR STUDENT yard signs that are given to 2 boys and 2 girls per grade level each nine weeks.  These signs generate pride for our Fowler Families and promote a positive profile in our Fowler Community.  

Goose Chase Subscription: A digital service that integrates curriculum used by our Librarian and Digital Learning Coach to provide interactive lesson plans for all content areas. Goose Chase is not a Frisco ISD Vendor, so the granted funds afford Fowler the ability to use this resource without staff having to pay for it out of their own pockets.

Thank you, Fowler PTA for your generosity and continued support of our Fowler staff and students.  We appreciate all you do for Fowler Middle School! 

11/13/2023 6:22 am

Fowler PTA Hospitality is requesting donations for the Fowler Staff Thanksgiving Breakfast this week for our wonderful teachers and staff. Help us kick off the season of gratitude by signing up to donate! 


Please drop your items off on the cart outside the Fowler Office by Thursday, November 16th.  If you have signed up for a breakfast casserole/burritos/tacos, please have those items delivered hot by 7:30 am on Friday, November 17th.

Thank you for your support!
Fowler PTA


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